Kirby Kangaroo® Club

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Kirby Kangaroo® Club is an account for kids, ages 12 and under. Kirby Kangaroo® Club is a great way to help your kids establish good savings habits at a young age.

These special members even have their own website that has lots of fun stuff for them to enjoy! From games and puzzles, to color sheets, stories and jokes, all aimed at helping your kids learn while having loads of fun!


Claim Your Youth™

Claim Your Youth™ is an account just for teens! With a special website all their own, teens can learn how to budget, manage a checking account, save for that first car, and even establish credit when heading off to college. Best of all, your credit union is there every step of the way to help with these important milestones in life! With over 5,000 Credit Union Service Centers in the US, access to their AVAHFCU account is available wherever the road of life may lead!